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the evolution of an event day

Are you tired of losing your binder on event days? Well, worry no more! The Myplannr® app offers multiple client binders right in the palm of your hands. Say goodbye to traditional bulky binders and hello to Myplannr®. Myplannr® takes the traditional three-ring client binder and transforms it digitally. With easy uploads, editable tabs, sharing capability and chat feature; this is a must-have for all event professionals. Carrying or losing a bulky binder, clipboard or loose paper at an event will no longer be a concern when you have the Myplannr® App.


The Myplannr®app is compatible with both iPhone and iPad, making it easily accessible and available when you need it. Doing away with a bulky binder is the new way to go.


App Features

  • • Integrates directly with your Email, Google Drive and Dropbox
  • • Multiple format upload
  • • Sharing capability, with user limits
  • • Zoom capability
  • • Choice of binder colors
  • • Organization Tabs
  • • Chat Feature
  • • App access while in offline mode
  • • Notification Center
  • • IOS Alerts

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